About Us

IMC Surety Solutions traces its beginnings back to 1978 when one of our principals, Dick Christian, joined forces with a life insurance brokerage agency to form Insurance Management Company. Originally founded to partner with the brokerage’s agency force, Insurance Management Company rapidly became recognized as a highly professional general insurance agency, primarily focused on Commercial Insurance sales and service. In 1999, the agency moved to the suburbs, making its home in Huntersville, NC, where it is still headquartered.

In 2004, IMC joined forces with another local agency to form InSouth Insurance Services. During the previous twelve or so years, IMC had developed an expertise and reputation in the Surety arena and that became the basis of its rapid growth in that field over the next six years. We developed and cultivated relationships with a number of premier bonding companies and focused a great deal of time and effort on establishing clientele in the Contract, Commercial and Judicial surety bond landscape.

construction2-300x300In June of 2010, Insurance Management Company sold its interest in InSouth and dedicated itself to becoming the premier source of surety bonding services in the area. Our focus is on the placement and solicitation of surety bond services with a stated mission of making that process as seamless and expeditious as possible. We work directly with small to medium contractors to develop or enhance their Contract Surety position, as well as with cooperating insurance agencies that have no established bond departments. While we are often approached with a request to place many different types of insurance, we work directly with our cooperating agencies for those placements, in order to focus on the Surety aspect of the account and to prevent any possible conflict of interest. We also work with a large number of law firms in the placement of both Commercial and Judicial Surety products.

sign_contract_sm-300x215A substantial portion of our focus is in the education of our prospects as to exactly what Surety bonding is and how it works, and have, hopefully, provided a substantial amount of preliminary information on our website to provide at least an introductory picture of the process. Please feel free to inspect the site and then contact us directly if we can be of service.